Style Guide: Autumn/Winter Boots

Boots are always in vogue, regardless of what styles are hot at the moment. Trends have ebbed and flowed over the decades, some iconic, some… questionable. In the swinging 60s, it was all about the shiny space-age go-go boots that mod queen Nancy Sinatra was so famously fond of. The tall boot trend trickled across into to the 70s. But disciples of boho-chic favoured natural leather over high-gloss patent, and added a chunky platform heel that looked positively groovy with a mini skirt and a folk shirt. The 80s were synonymous with the phrase “why not?”, so naturally it was acceptable to don a pair of cowboy boots with a shoulder-padded sequin-studded denim jacket, accompanied by a hairspray-drenched mullet. Slouchy leather knee highs were another 80s favourite. TV style crush Rachel Green had a penchant for square-toes which went on to become to defining boot of the 90s. Then come the unapologetically tacky noughties. Love them or loathe them, Ugg boots were the it-shoes of this decade, beautifully complimented by a pair of low-rise acid wash denims and a Von Dutch snapback. Ankle boots are the preferred style of the past ten years, but sartorial homages to decades past are always appreciated. With the exception of perhaps the naughty noughties.

So, what’s on the market today? The team at Vaughan Shoes have broken down the boot trends that are set to dominate the coming Autumn/Winter season.

Military boots

While they’ve never truly gone out of style, military boots tend to make a major comeback every few years. What used to be staples of punk rock subculture slowly crept their way into the mainstream, thanks to endorsements from cool-girl style icons like Wynona Ryder and Madonna. Today, they remain a firm favourite among modern day it-girls Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. However, this season more than ever it seems, women are realising that you don’t have to be super edgy to pull them off. Combat-style boots look seriously cool on anybody, even the faint-hearted fashionistas among us. As well as injecting a double-dose of attitude into any outfit, military boots are ultra-practical. This heavy duty footwear offers unrivalled stability and support, perfect for carefree stomping in hail, rain or shine.

Our faves



We are simply obsessed with these black lace-up boots in the Kate style by Marco Moreo. Their glam-rock style is perfectly balanced, with the soft ribbon detail offsetting the bold silver studs and clunky cleated soles.


Put some pep in your step with these cherry-red patent lace ups by Mustang. And what a bargain at just €69.95.

What to wear them with: The real question with military boots is what can’t you wear them with? Dresses? Check. Jeans? Check. Suit? Check. Joggers? Check. But when it comes to styling combat-style boots to their full potential, it’s all about creating contrast. Pair them with a hyper-feminine floral midi dress for a VIP Glastonbury look minus the muck. Don’t be afraid to show off your pins, either. Their signature bulkiness means they’re very flattering on the leg, instantly making them appear slimmer and longer.

Sock boots

Kanye West was one of the pioneers of the sock boot, and his Yeezy versions were modelled frequently by his wife and muse Kim Kardashian. This avant-garde trend has more staying power than anticipated, as it continues to gain momentum throughout the seasons. That’s not to say sock boots haven’t evolved since they first hit the fashion scene. Those that literally resemble boots wrapped in dad’s gym socks were a short-lived Instagram fad (and rightly so). However, boots with slinky, silhouette-sculpting frames have stood the test of time. And it’s no surprise why. Sock boots are incredibly flattering. Their clingy calf has magical ankle-slimming powers that will have you sashaying the streets with poise and confidence. This signature snugness has the added benefit of keeping your ankles warm and toasty during the colder months.

Our faves


Stay cosy’n’chic in these Marco Tozzi block-heeled sock boots in the Delo style. These sultry black beauties are a winter wardrobe staple, and will take you from AM to PM with ease.

What to wear them with: Sorry Kimmy K, but we’re well and truly over the sports luxe cycling-shorts-and-sock-boot combo. Sock boots look best dressed up. Their refined, delicate frame makes them the perfect complement to a sleek and sophisticated ensemble. We love them against sheer tights with a figure-hugging dress and long winter coat. Enhance their minimalistic style by sticking to monochromes and neutral tones.

Knee high boots

Knee high boots are a rare evergreen trend that have consistently withstood the capricious winds of the fashion industry. But this season, they’re back with a bang, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Knee-high boots are cute, elegant and wonderfully easy to wear. They add a little va-va-voom to any outfit, and the best part is that you don’t have to suffer for it. Knee-highs are made for winter wear, and will keep you wrapped up and cosy as we edge closer towards the frosty season.

Our faves


Keep it classic with these black Caprice block heel boots in the Bella style. These lustrous leather knee-highs will be your go-to pair for years to come.


Look the part for a civilised day at the derby in these country-style strappy cognac Joleen boots, also by Caprice.

What to wear them with: Knee-high boots are a statement piece, so make them the focal point of your chosen ensemble. Team them with your favourite blue jeans and a chunky cable knit jumper to brave the winter chill in style. If you’re going down the skirt route, make sure it’s short enough to expose the boot’s rim. Cutting this off with a long hem weighs the outfit down, making it look a little frumpy.

Chelsea boot

The humble Chelsea boot has become a time-honoured classic. The ol’ reliables of the boot world, we dust off our pair every autumn following their six month or so hiatus in the back of our wardrobe. Characterised by their round toe, flat sole and elastic gusset, Chelseas are the pinnacle of understated sophistication. Their slightly androgynous style adds to their cool factor, enhanced by a natural, fresh-faced makeup look. Flat, sturdy soles mean you can look effortlessly chic without sacrificing your comfort and stability. Chelsea boots are also a low-maintenance girl’s dream – simply slide them on and you’re out the door. No finicky fastening required.

Our faves


Serving us a little more pizazz than your average Chelsea boot are these Marco Tozzi numbers in the Rova style. Their intricate brogue-style stitching and faux snakeskin panelling make it hard to believe that these could be yours for just €49.95.

What to wear them with: Chelseas are among the most casual of the ankle boots, so keep things appropriately lowkey. Channel London street-style à la Alexa Chung in a pair of grey slim-fit jeans, a band tee and a leather jacket. If you’re feeling gutsy, complete the look with a black fedora or bowler hat.

Heeled ankle boots

Ankle boots with an elevated heel have been the boot-du-jour for what seems like forever now. Heeled boots tend to offer better comfort and stability than sandals or courts, so you can strut around all day without feeling the urge to dunk your feet in an ice bath afterwards. What we love most about heeled ankle boots is their versatility. Suitable for both work and play, a good pair of ankle boots will be your go-tos this season. This particular style is great for accentuating your frame, subtly adding a few inches for some extra oomph.

Our faves


We are head over heels for these black block heels in the Bekka style by Zanni & Co. The gold accent on the rope fastening and heel gives these boots their unmistakable wow factor. Did someone say Christmas party?


Indulge in these lavish lace-ups in the Karina style by Jose Saenz. Slightly gothic with a razor-sharp contour, pieces like this don’t come around often, so grab ‘em while they’re hot.


Have a Carrie Bradshaw moment in these traffic-stoppers by Kate Appleby. The jewel embellishment adds a fun, girly pop without compromising their class.


Unleash your inner Kat Slater with these Millie & Co black block heel ankle boots. Their cheeky leopard detail will make any ensemble pop.

How to wear them: The styling possibilities are truly endless when it comes to heeled ankle boots. You can’t go wrong with leather biker leggings, which will flatter any shape. Ankle boots and jeans are another match made in heaven. Team them with a slightly cropped pair to show a little skin and balance out the look. They also look oh-so-stylish with wide fit trousers or culottes.


Want to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest AW boot trends? Shop our full range here.


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