Spring Sneakers – Vaughan Shoes Guide to the Classic White Trainer

It looks like Mother Nature is finally letting Spring out after a cold, wet Winter, and the change in weather has given us a nice little boost here in Vaughan Shoes HQ!

So we’re trying something new – a blog post! We’ve talked about it long enough so with a little extra time on our hands we’re giving it a shot! Here we are taking a look at the one of the biggest fashion trends of the last few years: the Re-emergence of the Trainer!

The ever so famous sneaker trend of 2019 is back bigger than ever this year. Much like the Irish weather, fashion sneaker trends is quite changeable, ebbing and flowing with the changing of the seasons. And just like the Irish Summer arriving just in time for the  start of the Leaving Cert, some certified fashion classics will never die; clean white trainers will ALWAYS have a place in the wardrobe. Here we take a look at the style that is standing the test of time!

Classic White Trainers

The shoe of the decade, in our humble opinion – the classic white trainer.

The noughties were dominated by heels. The influence of Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex In The City crew was far reaching; saving up and splurging a weeks wages on pair of trophy shoes became a rite of passage. When Victoria Beckham launched her career as a fashion designer in 2008 an interviewer asked how she could work in heels. Her reply? She “couldn’t concentrate” in flats.

However, the teens saw the emergence of the humble trainer. In March 2011 British fashion designer Phoebe Philo took to the catwalk to close her fourth Celine show. She wore a simple moss green polo neck, black trousers and white tennis shoes. The designer’s personal style is so closely watched that her five-second appearance had the power to turn that particular sneaker into a bonafide trend in a matter of weeks. And just like that trainers we in.


Classic White Trainer Look


The white trainer has moved past being a trend. In 2013, supermodel Gisele Bundchen appeared in Vogue Paris wearing Stan Smiths, white socks and nothing else; cult status was assured. Searches for white sneakers on the global fashion search platform Lyst are 152% up on 2014 figures.

The trainers staying power can, in part, be attributed to the shifting sands of workwear. The contrast between dressed-up and dressed-down used to be epitomised by women in skirt suits wearing comfortable trainers on their commute, with heels hidden away in their handbags ready for a quick change in the office bathroom. The recent casualisation of dress codes has seen this scenario more or less sidelined. Black heels have been replaced by bright white efforts from Amy Huberman, Marco Moreo and Mustang. The popularity of the white trainer is partly down to the fact that it is almost a negative image of the black brogue or loafer of traditional workwear, and can be worn in much the same way. Amongst a wardrobe of tailored clothes, shirts, clean-lined knits and block colours the white trainer has a minimalism that blends seamlessly.

How To Wear Your Trainers with Skinny Jeans

To wrap up we have some quick tips on how to wear your trainers with another wardrobe staple: skinny jeans. Trainers and jeans are a classic combination. Perfect for a relaxed style, you can be both comfortable and fashionable in jeans and trainers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t wear socks – when wearing trainers with jeans, it’s best if you don’t wear socks or opt for hidden socks that don’t show. This creates a much cleaner look.
  • Show some ankle – choose jeans that stop just above the ankle bone or roll them up to this length. Next, opt for trainers that flatter your ankles.
  • Keep it classic – choose a plain colour or a classic design to make your trainers easy to style.
  • Balance colours – just like with skirts, balance your outfit with a similar colour up top, unless you have coordinated your trainers with the colour of your jeans.
  • Keep whites fresh – if you opt for white trainers, it’s important to keep them looking really clean to keep your look sharp.


We have a brilliant selection of white trainers at Vaughan Shoes. Check out the gorgeous Amy Huberman – La Ronde. Wear them with a midi dress for a sports-luxe edge, team with a slouchy trouser suit for a high-low contrast, slip on with your jeans for a trip to the shops or add them to your go-to leggings and a t-shirt walking outfit. No matter what the outfit, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of white kicks. Plus, in addition to looking polished, they’ll also keep your feet comfortable as hell. What more could you want from a pair of shoes?

If you have a slightly bigger budget then feast your eyes on the Eros range of trainers from Marco Moreo! Beautiful hand stitched Italian leather offers supreme comfort whilst the selection of colours range from subtle and sophisticated to full on WOW!

Thanks for reading – we hope you’ve enjoyed it. We hope to do more content like this! If you like it let us know, as always at Vaughan Shoes we want to hear what our customers have to say! Stay safe, stay home!



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